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Miu Sutin is a womenswear brand founded 2014 in Barcelona. It offers limited editions, authentic, original and essential wardrobe collections. The garments are minimalist, elegant, comfortable and durable.

Miu Sutin means in Quechua ‚to sell truth‘, which already defines the project: ethical, ecological, respectful towards workers and consumers as well as the environment.

The brand uses organic and fair trade fabrics, made with environmentally friendly treatments. The garments are made in local and social insertion ateliers.

Miu Sutin is based on the principles of eco-design to ensure clean production and a lasting product life. The brand avoids wasting resources and uses biodegradable fabrics. The designer wants to stay away from the latest fashion trends and prefers to offer quality. The work with local manufacturers in order to establish a close, trusting and long-lasting relationship is in focus.

Miu Sutin uses handmade fair trade silk for example, a silk that combines everything: It is organically produced, handmade by local farmers and coordinated by a local NGO. Also the brand is interested in incorporating new bio-synthetic fabrics, because they are seen as the future of the sector. At the moment, Miu Sutin works with tencel lyocell and refibra tencel for their sustainability, qualities and properties.

Authentic, original and essential wardrobe collections in limited editions. Made by local manufacturers.

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