Petja Zorec

SINCE 2012


Known for fusing contradictions, this menswear brand meets the demands of everyday life while bending gender specifics and pre-conceived ideas. Petja combines traditional textile techniques with hi-tech, often athletic materials that allows her clothing to effortlessly shift back and forth between work and play, slow and fast, cozy and cerebral. Her collections are seen as a tangible response to intangible thoughts, shown as a clothing diary, completed in a personal confession. Petja’s liberating, sportswear-inspired and innovative designs represent gender fluid fashion which sees both men and women wearing the collections – universal individuals who confidently accept their vulnerability as their advantage. 

Petja finished her MA studies in Fashion design from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering at University of Ljubljana in 2013 where she now works as well as being a member of the renowned Squat Design Group. She has recieved numerous awards: OpenMyMed Prize 2017 & 2019 (Marseille), Belgrade Fashion Week Award (Fashion Scout London), Elle Style Award, Design (Dis)ability, WOW award for Best collection (Ljubljana Fashion Week)

Sportswear inspired menswear, that can and should be worn by women also

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