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SINCE 2018

Saye is a sneaker brand born 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, through a successful kickstarter campaign. Saye is the #1 most funded fashion shoe ever on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, where currently the sneakers are sold. When Saye started, there was only one goal inmind: to make timeless sneakers and use them as a vehicle for a change; a change in people and on planet. From the inside out and from the roots up, a new set of social values started with Saye, all the way through social and planting projects.

The Saye Sneakers are produced in Portugal, using recycled and organic materials, two trees are planted for each sale. So far, this way were planted more than 46.500 trees in India, Zambia, Amazon & Australia, helping to empower forest-dependent communities to improve their livelihoods.

From the beginning Saye only wanted to partner with suppliers that respect their workers, improving their life conditions and providing them a good working environment; a factory where employment is freely chosen and where child labor is not used in any case.

Located in the North of Portugal, Felgueiras is the heart of the country’s footwear industry. Saye’s partner, You Shoes, is made up of artisans that really love the work they do and it can be confirmed that one year and 18.000 sneakers after, they still maintain a high standard of ethics: fair wages and shifts, gender equality and most importantly, they treat their workers as family.
Saye also works with suppliers from Alicante, Spain. The concentration of the manufacturing suppliers within the same geographical area allows to create an efficient and fast collaborating network, which ensures the use of local materials and reduces the carbon footprint.

Saye fights against deforestation since 2018 – allowing anyone to take part in the project. Every time a pair of shoes is buyed, two trees are planted in collaboration with the NGO We Forest, not only to plant trees in the most needed areas of the planet, but also to empower forest-dependent local communities.

Handmade Sneakers – from organic and recycled materials. Two trees are planted for each sale to restore forests.






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