Mohammed Rabi

SINCE 2016

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Timeless leather classics, that will transcend trends and time barriers – made in Dubai. Rich textures, equisite detailing, craftmanship intricacies and handpainted emblems. Mohammed focusses on high-quality leather jackets and ready-to-wear pieces. He combines contemporary craftsmanship with an unparalleled aesthetic to create novel and artistic designs – his inspirations come from cinema and art.

With sustainability at its core, this collection is working on a pre-order basis to ensure there is no wastage in production and quality and style are not compromised. Another key component of this collection for The Letter was to ensure that the staff that create the pieces remain well looked after, motivated and keep a positive mindset.

The Capsule Collection was shown on London Fashion Week 2020 and showcased already at Maisan15 in Dubai, Milan and Riyadh.


Mohammed Rabi is a graduate from the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. Having majored in Art Education and minored in Sculpting, Mohammed managed to take classes in almost every artistic medium. Passionate about fashion since a very young age, he decided to incorporate subtle elements from different artistic eras into his designs and create The Letter label.

Timeless high-quality leather jackets with craftmanship intricacies. No wastage in production.

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