Nina Elyas I Tays Köper-Kelemen

Founders & Editors

``In the ten years we have been working in the fashion industry, we have noticed one thing above all: individual design, craftsmanship and different cultures give fashion the beautiful face that stands out from the mainstream. We want to show this face in its creative and valuable facets.``

Nina Elyas
Dipl. Fashion Designer & Fashion Lecturer for fashion trend forecasting at AMD Düsseldorf
Work experiences
Fashion Editor: TM Magazin, Fashion Today 
Fashion Director: international trend books Fashion Trends
Editor in chief & Fashion Director: DMI Deutsches Mode-Instiut ( German Fashion Institute) 

Tays Köper-Kelemen
M.A. in French, Spanish & Marketing & Fashion Editor
Work experiences
Fashion Editor: 1st-Blue ModeMagazin, TM Magazin, Fashion Today
Stylist: Fashion Today, Immotex
fashion is more than a consumer good

Style & the Gang is an inspirational platform that introduces contemporary designers, collections and brands that cultivate a valuable approach to clothing. Traditional crafts, rare vintage collections, recycling and upcycling, culturally influenced styles, impressive designs and valuable attitudes towards consumption, environmental protection and fair, social behavior.

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fashion. cultures. values.